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Thinking of getting a parent album as part of your wedding package?  Or as a gift later?  Having  gotten an album for my parents when I was a bride, I can tell you that I am so glad that I did!  I absolutely LOVE looking through ours every time I visit my parents!  It is simple and tells the whole story of our wedding day and it brings me back to that day every time!  Yes, we have our album too but it is still so much fun to see theirs when we visit because they are different!  When looking for a company to do parent albums for our brides, I still wanted them to have the same quality as our bride and groom albums!  And I still wanted an heirloom for the parents to have as well, even though they would be a little smaller.  After thinking and doing a little bit of research, I decided, “Why not use the same company?”!  And that is exactly what we decided to do and are currently using!!  I figured it would be a little easier just to have everything already in one place and the customer service of Leather Craftsmen is just incredible!!  They are on top of everything and so nice and willing to help in anyway they can!  I was on the phone for almost 40 mins one time and they walked me through every little step and made me feel like they cared!!  They were truly there to help and I can tell you that if I get great customer service, you can bet that I will be back!  That is the most important in my book!  But even more, when I got my first parent album back, I was in love!!  And I hope all of our brides and grooms enjoy looking at their wedding day at their parents home when they visit too:-)  And that all you parents cherish your album and the day your daughter or son married the love of their life!!  :-)  So here you go…a little peek into a parent album!



These may still be my two favorite shots to-date! :-)  Such a fun wedding party!!

2015-01-20_00042015-01-20_00052015-01-20_0006This is the grey but you can also get it in black as well!  You can also add on additional engraving to the front or binding on the spine!  Hope this helps!

  • Linda Foley

    i think this album is awesome. What a great day! Thank you for capturing the memories for us.ReplyCancel

    • kristimckeagphotography

      Yayyy!!! I am so glad you love it!!! It turned out so great!! And you are so welcome! It was such a special day and we were so honored to be a part of it!ReplyCancel

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