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I cannot tell you how much fun I had with these two!!  I actually went to high school with both John and Allison and had some of the best times of my life with them!  It had definitely been a couple years since I had seen them but it felt like we just picked up from the last time we saw each other and started laughing and reminiscing from the beginning of the session!  I had so much fun capturing the love between these two and the excitement of growing their family of two to a little family of three!  I am beyond excited for you guys and your little boy, Lucas!  I know you two are going to be amazing parents and I am so honored that I could capture this special time for you all!!!  I can’t wait to meet that sweet little boy of yours:-)  Oh, and Allison, you are amazing, girl!!  I don’t know how many women would be able to rock wearing high heels walking up and down steps, rocks, bridges, and mini-staircases and not to mention, remaining to look absolutely stunning throughout an entire session!! :-)   And you all can see what I’m talking about…does she not look A-MAZING?? read more

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