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More than JUST a ring shot | Shoot&Share Photo Contest

Ring shots are not just ring shots!  There is so much more behind them than what the outside may see…just a ring!  But as a photographer and once engaged and then married, rings are not just rings to me!  They symbolize so much more!  They are commitment, they are the rest of your life, with the love of your life-your best friend, they are FOREVER!  And behind that ring, is an incredible couple! Two people who feel the most at home when they are in the love of their lives arms!  And maybe this is why when I got engaged, for some reason, one of the pictures that I HAD to have when I got married, was of our rings!  And I still take pictures of our rings to this day!  I can’t even tell you how many pictures I took of our hands on our honeymoon!  I pretty much took one at every place we went…which ended up with more images of our hands on water than I needed! ;-)  But this has carried on with me to this day because I still love capturing ring shots!  And capturing them on details or with a background that means something…or just has a good story!

It started out with me just practicing during engagement sessions because I was learning how to use a macro lens and when I had my first full-time year of weddings, I knew I needed to know how to shoot ring shots…for the same reasons that I wanted a ring shot when I got married!   This is how ring shots started for me and I try to do them at not only weddings but engagement sessions too!!  And even more when there is a detail that makes for a fun story!  And that is how this ring shot came about…

And then it became even more special to me….what may look like a simple ring shot shot during an engagement session came in 14th place out of 3,170 photos submitted in the Ring Shot category!  73,888 people voted 25 MILLION times in a contest that started with 110,928 images!!  That just leaves me speechless!!  And still in shock!   And so incredibly HONORED!!  To be among so many other amazing photographers with incredible talent, truly, no words!

I entered this image into the Shoot&Share photo contest this year because I loved the coloring and the story behind it!  That is the value of photography…they bring back memories…and this session in particular was one of my favorites in Georgetown!  We walked the streets and discovered new places that I hadn’t shot at before and the light, oh, the light that night was GORGEOUS!!  Which actually makes for a funny story because when this was shot, the sun had JUST set…so there wasn’t much light!!  But this ring shot is not just any ring shot to me!  And it wasn’t shot just because it was an engagement session!  This shot, is not only about the ring but the SHOES!! And the incredible couple behind that ring that trusted in me and laughed and smiled with me that night!  That reminded me of why I love what I do and I am so incredibly blessed to have such amazing people come into my life! This is all possible because of each and everyone of you!!  Thank you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you!  Thank you for making Kristi McKeag Photography possible!

And thank you for making ring shots with a story happen!  This one is for you, Kate + Justin!  And to those way too fun shoes!!  :-)


Canon 5d Mark III            

ISO 3200

F 2.8


And the story behind the shot:

This image was shot actually right after the sun had set!  We had ended their session in Georgetown on the waterfront and I realized I hadn’t done any ring shots yet!  I always like to give my clients a few ring shots during their engagement session because what bride doesn’t love having an image of their ENGAGEMENT ring?? :-)  I always loved ring shots when I got married so I always try to give our brides a few of their own:-)  But it is really the shoes that make this engagement ring image so fun!  The bride-to-be had bought these shoes because she needed something pretty and bright after having a very longgg winter! She actually doesn’t wear heels often but when she does, these are the ones she rocks!!  They are always the perfect pop of color and give her the extra confidence and energy boost whenever she puts these on so there was no doubt that she was going to wear these for her engagement session!!  The only question was what was she going to wear them with:-)  These shoes are so much fun and add the perfect pop of color which is what made me comment on them when I immediately saw them!!  And after hearing the story behind these shoes, there was no doubt that I was putting her ring on them!  It just added that much more meaning to the image!  :-)  Luckily, the bride-to-be didn’t mind being barefoot for a few minutes, so I grabbed the shoes, put them on the concrete ground, and shot her ring on them!  It was actually the first time that I had shot a ring on shoes so to get it to stay sturdy, was a little tricky!  I was also a little nervous because we had lost a little light but I couldn’t let them leave without having a few images of her gorgeous ring!! And it worked!  And quickly became one of my favorite ring shots! :-)

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