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To all of you brides…current brides, future brides, once a bride-always a bride brides…remember those days when you practiced writing Mrs. (insert man of your dreams here)!  Oh come on, you know you did!  Maybe not when you actually FOUND the man of your dreams but in those days of when you first started believing in love…or just the pure thought of having a boyfriend!  The white lined paper, the notebooks…the days of, what would my name look like with his last name written all over everything?  Remember those days?  (Oh, please tell me I’m not the only one! :-) )

But you know how the last name  seemed like the most important thing (besides him, of course:-) )??  What would my name look like with his??? :-)  How does my name sound with his??  The excitement of that LAST name!  Well, I don’t think that changes much when you are actually planning on getting married!   Okay, I’m sure there is a good portion of you that never even THOUGHT to practice writing your name until after you got married and then the first time signing your new name was totally weird and you probably wrote your maiden name for a year but the excitement of the new last name???  Soo exciting, right?:-)

As I I have been going back through images and reflecting on 2014, I noticed a common theme in my images…DETAILS and the NEW last name!!  It definitely wasn’t intentional but I have to say, I love it!!  I absolutely LOVE shooting details and shooting them in a variety of ways!  There is just something so fun about them and they truly capture the essence of the day!  And even if you may not remember what earrings you wore 30 years later, you’ll always remember that last name…because it’s the name of the love of your life!

I must have subconscientiously been shooting details with the last name over the past year (maybe from all the years when I was writing last names on notebooks :-) )…but you know what, it works!  And they are some of my favorite images to date!  And they aren’t even my last name!! :-)

And to all my photographer friends, if you ever find yourself in a bind and you don’t know what to shoot details on…and you don’t have a bridesmaid dress…shoot them on the invitations!!  You can get more out of the invitations than just the one shot of the invitations themselves!  Jewelry on the invitations can look absolutely stunning!  And still simple and classy!!  And especially on the last name!  Yes, brides can stress over what invitation they may use (I sure did! ) but in years to come, that probably won’t be the thing they remember!  But the last name…oh, the last name…THAT is something that will always have meaning to them!  Shoot the rings on it, the earrings, the bracelet, the necklace…all of which gives those details another meaning if they’re paired with the last name…or the new last name initial!  Shooting the details on the invitation, will give you consistency and they will pair well for the blog or a feature or most importantly, your bride and groom’s album that they will look back on year after year!  And seeing those details on their last name, will still be special to them and have meaning!

So, give it a try!  Try shooting details with the invitation…but more specifically, the last name or initial!  Make it the focus or use it as the background!  And if they have a hanger with Mrs. [insert name here], don’t forget that!  Those are always my favorite!  And don’t be afraid to have a little fun with it:-)   There are so many different ways you can shoot details and this is just one way that I found and apparently, had been a common theme across some of my detail shots this year!  :-)

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Marrying Thom so naturally, I had to get their rings on HER Toms:-)

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I hope this helps!  And next time you find yourself in a bind on a wedding day shooting details , don’t forget about the invitations:-)

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