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Stay calm and laugh | We had a Cheerios Party | Learning Patience

Sometimes…you just have to stay calm and laugh!  Easier said than done, right?!  How many times have you heard that before??  But I know it to be very true!  And learned so much from this little situation that could have gone another way, but ended up with so much joy, happiness, life lessons and a “fun mom” factor;-)

Before I started learning patience (wow, that’s a hard one to admit!), or at least started paying attention to it, it opened my eyes to see so much more right in front of me!  Especially as a momma of two, patience does not always come very easily to me but I am LEARNING and it has changed my life!  Rather, my kids are changing my life…and for the better!!  They are teaching me to be a better person and that it’s about the little things in life!  Can you imagine the excitement and wonder that a 19 month old has when she discovers walking on gravel for the first time?  Or a 3 year old making a barn out of a box and folder covers and toilet paper rolls and it being the greatest thing in the world?!?  Or asking what something as simple as a corn flake is and we just assume that they already know everything!  When in fact, they are still learning so much and little things that we take for granted!  We tend to forget that there are still so many NEW things to them!!  And we take away the wonder, exploration, joy just because we have to be somewhere or we don’t want to clean it up or we just don’t have the time to pay attention to it!  WHAT?!?  We don’t have the three minutes or even ten minutes or hey, even ONE minute to let them explore and learn and discover something new that makes them light up?  In our world today, we are constantly busy and being hurried that we don’t take the time to look at what is right in front of us!  Or the little things that are happening in our every day lives!  Which I think is an entire other blog in itself but this had me reacting to this a little differently…

2015-02-11_0023Ummmm, yeah!!!  First, reaction?!??? OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!!  Yeah, can you imagine how you would have felt if you saw that all over your living room??  Yes, my normal reaction would probably had me raising my voice and saying something along the lines of “WHAT are you THINKING?!?!” and then moved them out of the room so I could have cleaned it up immediately!  But INSTEAD…I just decided to step back and watch for a second!  I walked into the room and Finley had spilled the ENTIRE box of Cheerios on her table and the floor!  When I stopped to watch, I looked at it like this:  she was just giving herself a little snack on her table…and was giving the pups a little one too (which is their favorite so they were LOVING every minute of it:-) )  Okay, so I could clean this up…not a big deal…

If you look in the background, the pups are getting a treat!  Or maybe I should say TREATS with a S!! :-)

So, I walked in the other room to get a broom and heard another spill!!  AHHHHH, are you SERIOUS?!?   What WAS that??  I came back into the room and my 3 year old, yes, my 3 year old, decided to pour the other box of Corn Flakes all over!!  Again, are you SERIOUS?!??  Did you really just do that was what I was thinking??  And for a split second, I could see myself raising my voice and telling her that she knew better but I think God was giving me a test and teaching me so much in this little moment!  Instead, I reacted by smiling and chuckling (do people even use that word anymore?) and ASKED her what she was doing?  Again, I could have just yelled and cleaned it up without even asking her her thoughts and I would have never known why she did it.  But her answer, “Finley did it, so I just wanted to try too.”

Okay…so now how to react…I could have taught a little about that but instead, decided to try some too and then picked some up and threw it like confetti!!  WHAT?!?!?  Oh yes, I did…and it was soooo much fun to share in this little moment with the girls!!  Yes, it was messy, and we would have to clean it up…not exactly what I had in mind for our girls night but you know what…it was so much fun and to see things from their perspective, was such an eye opener!  We take the little things for granted when we could get SO much out them!  SO much!  And SO much more than we could ever imagine!!!

So take the time today, and look in front of you!  What makes you happy??  Take the time to do it!  In the end, you realize that it didn’t take THAT much time out of your day…or your schedule!  The to-do list can wait!  It’s okay, the blog can go up an hour later!  Your social media can wait to be posted!  Stop and just look around!  Look at all of the INCREDIBLE blessings we are given in life!  And most of all, slow down!!  You don’t have to be hurried!!  And all you Mom’s out there, take the extra 10 minutes to play with your little ones!  They will notice!  And will thank you for it later!  :-)  It took me 10 minutes to clean this up but if I had made a big deal out of it, it would have felt like it would have taken an hour and the rest of our night would have been ruined and none of these moments would have happened!!

These two together…the BEST two sisters to each other EVER!!

And I leave you with this…how it all played out…and pretty much just melted my heart and made me so proud!!  It is moments like these that being a mom, is truly, the greatest gift that God could have EVER given me and makes even the challenging and hard days worth every minute of it!!

“We had a CHEERIOS party!!  And a chez mix party!!  And what are these things called, Mommy?  [Corn flakes.]  And a corn flakes party!  That was fun!  And now we can clean it up!  Finley, want to help?  Because you made this mess too!”  :-)


  • Abby

    So cute!! The girls, the dogs, everything – what a memory! Also, I’m really craving some cereal now :)ReplyCancel

  • So, you asked…”what makes you happy?” Well, this is what makes me happy. The love that I see from these sisters have for each other, my niece’s, and the way unconditional love flow’s from sister to sister. I miss these girls and their Momma more than words can say. I just wish that I was closer to them again to see them grow up. I miss them more that I could ever imagine.i love you girls!ReplyCancel

  • Sara

    love! I will remember this the next time Tyler does something like that!! ;-)ReplyCancel

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