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Remember the fun, emotional, balloon gender reveal that I shared here?  Well, their little one is here!

I can’t even begin to share how special this session was for me.  It was a first for me to do a newborn session in a hospital and I loved every single minute of it.  I was so welcomed by the entire staff and the nurses were so accommodating.  The intimacy of the NICU and the amount of love that filled this room is indescribable.  I felt like I was part of the family and got so wrapped up in the amazing moments of this new little family that I completely forgot where I was and what I was doing.  As a mother myself, it is incredible and one of the best parts about why I love what I do, to be able to capture the love and special moments like this.  The way a new Momma looks at her husband in a completely new incredible way when he becomes a Daddy,  the way new parents just stare at their little one and forget that there is anything else in the world, the way parents look at their precious new little one and can’t believe that they are theirs, and just the amount of love that fills a new family is truly such an indescribable feeling.  I get caught up in the moment all the time that it never fails for me to be teary-eyed behind that camera of mine.  I love these moments and they get me every time! read more

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  • Kelly

    I am so glad you were able to come and capture this moment. Being able to capture the first moments with her is indescribable! I can’t believe how little she was then. She has come so far.
    I can’t wait to have you continue to photograph her as she grows.ReplyCancel

I can’t believe how quick this little cutie pie is growing!  It feels like just the other day I was doing her newborn session. And it will only be a few months until I do her 1 year old pictures but for now, I’m going to share her 6 month session!  Is she not the cutest?  I tell you, Miss Katie is one happy baby and is always smiling…even if it takes Rodeo Cowboy to make her smile:-)  Thank goodness for toys…and especially for those that sing and dance!

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Today is going to be the start of something new for me.  As some of you know, I have not been one to post pictures or anything to do with my daughter since she was born…except an occasional few.  It has just been a fear of mine to put her out there in the internet world but that is about to change.  I used to blog and loved every minute of it before my daughter was born.  I used to have anything on there from decorating to food to what was on my mind that day to pictures I took to personal events going on in my life, movies and shows I was loving,  and even personal pictures of my friends and family.  I used to put it all out there but that changed when my little Isla was born…that is pronounced EYE-LA, not IS-LA,  just in case you wondering how the heck do I say that name;-).

For the past year and some, my blogging became non-existent and now I have started thinking to myself, why is that?  It was something I LOVED doing!  I know it takes a little bit of work and some effort but what doesn’t?  If you love it, you should do it!  And you should make time to do it.  Why put off something you love doing?  After starting a full-time photography business over a year ago and having some mentoring along the way, I have decided that it is time for this girl to get back to blogging.  But this time, combining both professional and personal.  It will give you an insight in to who I am, my likes, my interests, my work, and especially, what inspires me and what I work for.  One of my inspirations is Amanda Hedgepeth.  I have only recently come across her work through the amazing photography community and one of her biggest things is “Let the people you love inspire you”…And to me, that is so true and couldn’t be any more spot on!  My little one means the world to me and she is what I work for.  She is the one that if I’m having a bad day, all I have to do is look at her and her smile will brighten my day.  She is my positivity when I am down.  She gives me motivation and want to work even harder. Even those of you that don’t have kids, or may never want kids, that is completely okay!  That is what makes you YOU.  We are all different and all have different inspirations that motivate us.  So let those inspirations push you even harder and get you to where you are doing what you love…or at least something you enjoy doing.

So now that I have written a novel for the day, and if you have even kept reading this far, I thought I would share a few images of my little inspiration and what keeps me going each and every day.  So here we go…to being vulnerable, to putting myself out there. to getting to know me, and getting back to doing what I love…blogging and putting that camera in front of my face:-)


And I think she’s calling it a wrap for the day;-)

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  • Kylie

    Love her and love you!! “What a ham!” She takes after her mamma!ReplyCancel

It is so hard to believe that this was last Spring.  I am throughly enjoying going back through old sessions that needed to be on the blog MONTHS ago but these warm weather pictures get me very excited for Spring!!  This little guy is now walking and talking and it is amazing how fast these little ones grow up on us!  He is seriously the happiest baby with an adorable smile and a funny personality!  Some of these faces that Kellan showed me just make me laugh and I absolutely LOVE them!  This session turned into two because we got a little rained out when we first attempted to catch a few family shots!  But luckily, when we tried again, the sun was shining, Kellan was all ready to go and gave me his best smiles and silly faces, especially with the help of some maracas and dog frisbees:-)  And the best part, we were able to get the whole family for a few shots…the pups included!  And can I just say, these are two of the most well behaved dogs you will ever meet!!  “C” Family, you all are so much fun and I am so glad we were able to get some “entire” family shots:-) read more

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Happy Friday!  Although I have actually been in 75 degree and sunny weather all week, I know my hubby and everyone back at home and my old home up North weren’t so lucky.  So those of you that had 4 four days of rain and some topped off with snow, I thought I would share my sunshine with you that I get everyday!  Here’s a little sneak peek of my little cutie during a little Christmas shoot I attempted.  More to share from that shoot soon:-)  

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I can't wait to share the entire evening of this New Year's wedding but thought I would share a few details and give this gorgeous bride and groom a sneak peek! And can I just amazing are Mandy's shoes??? Something perfect!! There’s something so awesome about New Year’s Eve weddings… I mean what better way to bring in the New Year than with your new spouse?! That’s absolutely incredible!! I’m so excited for these two and to share more with you soon! Enjoy a peek!

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  • Mary Ellen Toombs - Ruth's sister

    Great photographyReplyCancel

  • Julia Pillis

    Love these pictures of Mandy and Zach’s wedding! Can’t wait to see more from my daughter’s wedding.ReplyCancel

  • Great site. Keep up the great workReplyCancel

  • Beckie Pillis

    Pictures are great and can’t wait to see more. What a beautiful bride and a handsome groom.ReplyCancel

  • Joyce Zach's Aunt

    What great fun everyone looks so beautifulReplyCancel