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“Do you want me to take a picture of you two?” | Old Town Wedding Day | + Why I love what I do

This “session” means so much more to me than just a session…or taking pictures!  This was a day that I will always remember and remind me why I love what I do!  I couldn’t stop shaking after this for a good hour and kept saying, “I can’t believe I just did that!!! I can’t believe I just did that!!!”  It was truly one of the best experiences of my life!  There are so many things that fill me in life but this day filled me to no other and why I value photography so much!  As a photographer, I get to capture lifelong memories that will be cherished forever and those are memories that you can’t get back!  To look back on images year after year, is truly priceless!  You won’t remember how much you paid because in the end, they will be worth every penny!  And when I can capture those memories for others, it truly fills my heart!

Back this summer in August, I attended a photography conference in Old Town, Alexandria!  It also happened to be my birthday so after the first day was over, Matt came down and met me!  We decided to walk around Old Town because we had never really done that together before!  Along the way, we decided to take pictures of anything and everything documenting the day…cupcakes, head shots, shopping, walking, and just being us:-)  There was a couple walking down the street, the girl in a white dress, and Matt turned to me and said, “Wedding day?”  I said “No.  Probably just an engagement session…”, but I didn’t see a photographer!  I kept looking for one because I always love seeing sessions…no matter what kind they are!  I love seeing other people work but best of all, I always love seeing the other people in front of the camera because there is always so much joy!!  :-)  I found myself looking all over for a photographer but didn’t see one so I just figured they were on a date and kept walking!  It wasn’t until almost 15 minutes later when we saw them again…this time, flirting, hugging, so in love, eating ice cream by the water!  I kept looking at them because they just looked like it was a special day for them!  And even if it hadn’t been, they just looked so cute and in love that I kept thinking, “they need to document this day and have a picture of themselves!”.  You know when you are traveling and you just want a picture of you two but you don’t know who to ask to take it?  Or you see the couple or family that has a camera and you can see they are trying to take a picture with everyone in it and for me, I can’t help but ask if they want me to take it for them!  Guess that’s just the photographer in me:-)  But that little bit of me came out when I saw these two!  Although, they weren’t trying to take a picture of themselves.  They were simply laughing together and just being themselves eating ice cream in the corner of the pathway looking out on the water.  From the outside,  it probably looked like I was about to walk in on their date but I did it anyway!  :-)  Everything still seems like a blur because my heart was just beaming that day but I told them that it looked like a special day for them and asked if they wanted me to take a picture of them…with their phone!  And they looked at each other and chuckled and said, “SURE!”.  So, I did…and joked with them that I was sorry that I was ruining their date or them eating ice cream but they just looked too cute together to not capture a picture of them!  I told them it looked like it was a special day for them and that they just needed a picture of them in the moment they were in!  And then I don’t know why but then I asked, “Is it a special day?” :-)  Almost like an awkward moment that maybe I shouldn’t have asked that but they looked at each other and smiled the biggest smiles and looked at me and said, “We just got married!!”  You can imagine the excitement that went through my head and I said “AHHH, CONGRATULATIONS!!  THAT IS SOOO EXCITING!!  When did you get married?”  The response…”Today!!  Like half an hour  ago!” WHAT?!??  You can imagine how fast my heart started beating because that’s what marriage and weddings do to me! They get me so excited beyond belief because what more is better than marrying the love of your life??  And I’m not even sure the exact words that rolled off my tongue but it was probably something like, “Do you have family or friends meeting you?  Are you all taking any pictures?  Because you HAVE to document this day!”.  And so calmly but with the biggest smiles EVER, they said, “No, just us.”  And then naturally, because all I was thinking was that they had to have images to remember one of the best days of their lives, I asked if they wanted me to take a few pictures of them…with my camera!  (I did tell them that I was a wedding photographer so it wasn’t that weird;-))  And again, they just looked at each other and chuckled and said, “Sure!”.  Matt had been standing off in the distance holding my camera bag and I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I am that I had my camera on me!   I ran to my bag and even though I only had one lens on me, I couldn’t let this day go by without them having images to remember this day forever…their WEDDING DAY!!!

I didn’t want to intrude too much on their day, especially since it was about to rain any minute, so I snapped a few quick pictures…probably only 3-5 minutes, and loved EVERY minute of it!!  This day meant the world to me!  My heart was racing because I had never done anything like that before…randomly going up to a couple that I have never met and asking if they wanted me to do a few quick portraits…because they just looked that in love and I wanted them to have a picture of themselves!  :-)  What started as a phone pic and turned into a few portraits…on their WEDDING DAY…will forever hold a special place in my heart!!  This will forever be a day that I will always remember as it means so much more to me!!  To have been able to give them a few images from their wedding day, just makes my heart smile and feel so full!!  To remind me that I am truly blessed!!   That I get to finally do what I love, as my “JOB”!!  That I get to capture these lifelong memories that will be cherished forever!  That I am in an industry where I belong!  A true DREAM!  (Someone please pinch me!)  And although it took me several years to finally figure out what I wanted to do, anything is truly possible!!  And for that, I am so thankful for each and every one of you who have believed in me and trusted me to capture some of the most memorable days and memories in your lives!  Thank you!

And Teresa and Jonathan, I cannot thank you enough for this day!  For not thinking I was totally crazy:-)  For teaching me so much, about love, about myself, and for sharing your story with me!  I am so thankful for this day and that we crossed paths.  And thank you for serving our country!  I am so grateful for this drizzly, August day, where you all brought out the sunshine and I had the honor of meeting you two!  Thank you.  From the bottom of my heart.  I will forever be blessed by this day and the day that you all came into my life!

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So cute!!

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  • Oh my goodness Kristi, how sweet!! I seriously couldn’t believe what I was reading, I bet you absolutely made their day getting to capture so much love and excitement. They are radiating joy!!ReplyCancel

  • Oh my goodness, I remember hearing about this now!!! This story is SO COOL! What are the chances?! I love when God gives us these random opportunities to serve and love on people! So glad you shared this! I LOVE the photos!! And I know they must love them too! :)ReplyCancel

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