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Miss Haley {Two Days Old}

Remember the fun, emotional, balloon gender reveal that I shared here?  Well, their little one is here!

I can’t even begin to share how special this session was for me.  It was a first for me to do a newborn session in a hospital and I loved every single minute of it.  I was so welcomed by the entire staff and the nurses were so accommodating.  The intimacy of the NICU and the amount of love that filled this room is indescribable.  I felt like I was part of the family and got so wrapped up in the amazing moments of this new little family that I completely forgot where I was and what I was doing.  As a mother myself, it is incredible and one of the best parts about why I love what I do, to be able to capture the love and special moments like this.  The way a new Momma looks at her husband in a completely new incredible way when he becomes a Daddy,  the way new parents just stare at their little one and forget that there is anything else in the world, the way parents look at their precious new little one and can’t believe that they are theirs, and just the amount of love that fills a new family is truly such an indescribable feeling.  I get caught up in the moment all the time that it never fails for me to be teary-eyed behind that camera of mine.  I love these moments and they get me every time!

Miss Haley had a different birth plan than her Momma had planned, being born almost two months early, but is one strong lady just like her Momma!  At two days old, she is still one little cutie and oh so little!  Not only was the birth of this little miracle special enough, this was also the first day that her parents got to hold her!  So special and so sweet and such an incredible experience!

Not only was this such a special time for this new family, but it was for me as well and an experience I will always remember.  Thank you “K” family for inviting me in to such a special time in your lives and for trusting me to capture such a personal and amazing experience for you all!  Enjoy every minute with that little Haley of yours!  She is truly a precious little angel!


Ahhh, I love little baby feet!!

Talk about teary-eyed, a special moment between mother and daughter!

  • Kelly

    I am so glad you were able to come and capture this moment. Being able to capture the first moments with her is indescribable! I can’t believe how little she was then. She has come so far.
    I can’t wait to have you continue to photograph her as she grows.ReplyCancel

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