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“How’d it go?” | Isla’s First Week of Preschool

The questions I have received this week have gone something like this, “How’d it go?”, “How was her first day?”, “How’d she do?”, “How’d her first day go?”.  Looking back on these past couple of days I think the question should be “How did I do??”.  This may have been one of the toughest weeks for me as a momma to watch my little one go to her first week of PRESCHOOL!!  I knew she was ready for school when I started looking for places back in the spring and saw her interacting in a classroom.  The girl was so eager to sit down with other kiddos, eat snack with them, laugh with them, talk with them, and just be in a classroom!  I am telling you, just watching her, I knew she was ready…but was I ready?  

Well, I thought I was.  How hard could being away from your baby for two days a week for four hours a day be?  For me, hard!  Quite possibly one of the hardest things yet!  (And yes, other veteran mother’s…I know I’m in for many times ahead but I’m not thinking, nor do I WANT to think about those yet! :-))  So for all of you wondering, her first day of preschool for her was great!  Although we were a little sleepy to start the day, we got up, packed our goldfish snack, Minnie Mouse water bottle, put our school supplies in our backpack and put our backpack on, we were ready to venture off for the first day of PRESCHOOL!!  “I go to my school?”, I hear coming from the back seat with the cutest little voice!  “Yes!  We’re going to your school!”  :-)  Holding hands walking into her school, Finley in the wrap, us girls were ready to conquer the world!  We walk through the doors, “Remember where your classroom is?” I ask and she walks right to the door!  Her teacher comes right up, brings her in, helps her put her water bottle in the basket, her backpack on her hook and says “Let’s say goodbye to Mommy” and with a kiss and a hug, she turns her back and walks into play on her first day of school!  I walk away and the tears begin to fill my eyes.  “Hold it together, hold it together”, I keep telling myself!  And that I did…until I got to the car!  Tears of a proud momma!  My baby girl is growing up and is ready to venture off to school!  Yes, it’s only preschool so I can only imagine how emotional I’ll be come Kindergarten, and I don’t even WANT to think about how much of a wreck I’ll be when I see that car drive away to college! (Thank you commercials for making momma’s emotional already!!)  So for now, we’ll stick with preschool and cherish every minute of these new adventures!

So to answer your questions, our little Isla did amazing on her 1st day of preschool!  But the real question should be “How did Mommy do?” :-)  Our baby girl is eager to learn and dream big!  And I learned that as parents, you have to sometimes let go…and some things are going to be tough, but you gotta be strong and remember, that your babies know that you love them!  And you need to show them with every ounce that you have that you love them!  And with this, love will take them many places.  So on her first day of preschool, I say, “Dream big, dream REAL big, my sweet girl!”


Checkin’ out her goldfish snack.


Being silly!


I got my crayons…I’m ready to go!


Wait…what are these things??


Attempting to get a smile:-)


We’re a little sleepy…


Very sleepy!!  Hopefully this isn’t what she thinks of school? :-)


And when Isla goes to school…it’s Mommy + Finley time!  And this is what we do…we take pictures:-)


Finley says “Fist bump to Isla!  You’re going to do great!”


And a big YAY for Isla!!


Her first “art” on the first day! Quack, quack!


And that’s that!  :-)  My baby girl is officially in preschool!



  • Dee Vest

    I remember that day as if it was yesterday!
    Now I’m getting ready to send my Taylor off to college!! Can’t wait to see her senior session pictures!! Hang in there, so many firsts to come!! Exciting times! ~ DeeReplyCancel

  • Elna

    Kristi – you did a terrific job!ReplyCancel

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