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Family Fridays

Unfortunately, these past two weeks, we all have been switching off with a case of colds and not feeling too hot so I apologize for being a week behind on the Family Fridays! Unfortunately, when Matt or I are down, we have a pretty big load to carry keeping the girls busy and happy and if one of them is down, one is taking care of one and the other is taking care of the other!  I know you all were looking for it last week but don’t worry, you are going to get a double dose of them-today and Monday!  So let me first share with you our “Family Friday” from last week!  It included an apple picking trip, a trip to the state fair, and many faces of Finley!!  She is getting to be so big and it is so much fun again the second time around with a little one because you completely forget all of these fun baby stages!!  I seriously think to myself that I can’t believe Isla was ever this little because of how big she is now and then I look at Finley and think, my goodness, you are going to be as big as Isla one day!  And that is just crazy to believe!  Thinking about that just makes me cherish every minute and enjoy every day more and more with our little girls!  To see them smile and laugh and learn something new and get so excited over the smallest things are the best things in the entire world!!  Even when we are dealing with cold and drizzly weather apple picking or sweating in 90 degree weather at the state fair, these are still two happy little kiddos!! So here you go…family, apples, pumpkins, ice cream, and jumping!! ;-)


Not really a fan of apples…


But this one may be!  Ha!


APPLE DOUGHNUTS!!  THAT’S RIGHT!!  Always worth the drive!


Always dreaming BIG!


Roller Coaster!!


And you can just see the thought process…what is that?  I can do that!


“Mommy, I do that!”


And she did!  The girl is FEARLESS!!


And of course, we couldn’t go to the fair without getting ice cream:-)  You should have seen this girl light up when Daddy brought this to her!


Ice Cream kisses!  THE BEST!


And her new favorite thing…”Jump high, Mommy?”  “I JUMPIN’!”


And I promise we don’t leave Finley home;-)  She gets to join in on the fun too!  :-)  Thank you, Michael, for holding this little one as we watched our little dare-devil bounce the night away!  :-)


A definite new fav!!  Sooo happy!!


LOVE THIS TOO!  “Mommy, look at me!!!”




And another happy girl!  Meet the many faces of Finley:-)  (while Mommy plays with some lighting in my room;-) )


I love seeing these faces every day!!  I can never get enough gummy smiles! :-)


Oh, hey there pretty blue eyes! :-)


 And until Monday for this weeks Family Fridays:-)  HAPPY FRIDAY YOU ALL!!

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