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Dogwood Brides | Featured + Bringing a great resource for Richmond Brides

The girls behind Dogwood Brides are simply amazing and I am so incredibly honored to have not one but two of our gorgeous couples Richmond weddings featured!!   I can’t even tell you how fun it is to see Kaci + Bobby and Katie + Jared’s weddings show up in my instagram feed, on Facebook, and most importantly, to read all about their love story and see their wedding day on their site!!  I absolutely love reliving our couples wedding days but even better, I love that so many more people can love their wedding just as I do!  :-)



If you haven’t checked out Dogwood Brides yet, you definitely need to!  Especially for all of you Richmond brides!!  The girls behind Dogwood Brides are the absolute sweetest and are making things happen!!  Having been a part of their launch gets me so excited watching them grow!  It just makes my heart so happy and so incredibly HONORED to have been a part of it from the beginning!

Ever been a planning a wedding and you don’t know where to start? Did/do you wish that you there was a one-stop shop that could provide you with vendors and resources to have a starting point?  And that someone has had an experience with the vendors and truly knows them so that they can help pair you up with the best match?  And you can even see some of their work featured on the site so you can decide what style you love?  Or even just a place that offers planning and wedding tips?? Dogwood Brides is doing just that and I could not be more excited for them!!  They are bringing a true, Richmond specific resource for brides planning their weddings!  And the girls being Dogwood Brides are making things happen and the ideas they have behind their business, are going to be amazing for all you Richmond brides and vendors!  Head on over and check them out if you haven’t already!!!  And definitely be sure to check out Kaci + Bobby, and Katie + Jared’s weddings!!  And Dogwood Brides, I couldn’t be more honored to have had two of our gorgeous Richmond weddings featured and be featured as a vendor!!  And even more, to be a part of the Dogwood Brides community!!  Just love you girls and so proud of you for making dreams come true!! :-)

Here are a few screen shots but head on over and read the full features here, herehere, and here!



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