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Coaching Recap | Katelyn + Michael (+ Bokeh too)

I am not even sure on where to start with this post.  This girl has been such an inspiration to me and I am forever grateful for her and so blessed that these two came into our lives!  If it was not for taking the opportunity to do a coaching session with Katelyn a year ago, I am not sure where I would be today!  It was THE BEST INVESTMENT I could have ever made!  When I first met Katelyn, I had just found out I was pregnant with Finley-like literally just found out and she was one of the first people to know because I wanted to make sure I hid my belly in my headshots:-)  Ha!  But with a little life changer in our lives with a little baby on the way, my business could have gone a couple ways!  I knew with two little ones it was definitely going to be challenging but having the knowledge and resources and motivation from Katelyn, I was ready to put everything to the test and see just where KMP would go!  Preparing for my recap session-looking back on everything we talked about a year prior, what I had applied, need to apply, and focusing more specifically on KMP, I knew having a recap session was going to be another one of those best investments and the little push I needed to keep moving forward to get where we would like to be.  I cannot tell you how much this recap session seriously changed my world and how much I could go on forever talking about how amazing this girl-and now husband and wife team truly are!!  Katelyn, I know I have told you a thousand times but I cannot thank you enough for your more than giving, kind heart, inspiration, motivation, encouragement, guidance, time, support, positivity, smiles, laughter, and conversations!  I am so thankful to be able to call you not only a mentor, but a friend!!  And same to Michael!  And also, showing us that being a husband + wife team is possible!  Thank you both for braving the cold and pushing me to continue to challenge myself, helping for the “light-bulb” to turn on, for the extra reassurance, and for graciously welcoming us into your home and for always being there even when you have e-mails upon e-mails to return!!  I cannot thank you enough so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  Thank you for helping me exponentially!!  LOVE YOU BOTH!  And Bokeh too:-)

And with that written novel, here are some of my favorites (okay, let’s be real-almost every image because these two and their family of three is just the cutest in the entire world!!  :) of my time with Katelyn, Michael, and Bokeh:-)


I seriously love you two!!  You are just too stinkin’ adorable!!



And meet Bokeh-the cutest pup ever!


Love this!  Katelyn + her boys:-)


Oh, just testing out some lighting!  And come on!  You are just way too adorable, Katelyn!!


Seriously LOVE you two!  Oh, did I already say that??  Well I do!! :-)






A definite FAV!!


Now you know why I love these two!






Gah!!  You are GORGEOUS, girl!!


This just makes me smile:-)



You would never have known that our hands had pretty much turned blue at this point:-)  But still pure gorgeousness!


Loving this!  Light, colors, and too much cute factor!!


And then we ended with a few more with Bokeh!!  He may just be the reason I take up pet photography;-)


The cutest little fam EVER!!


Love this little pup and his tennis ball!!


And love you all!!  Thank you all so much for a night-changing night and hopefully you all have thawed out by now:-)  xoxo

  • these are fantastic! absolutely adore katelyn’s photography work and you captured their little fam beautifully :) blessings!!ReplyCancel

  • These are FABULOUS!! Well done!ReplyCancel

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