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I have to be honest…as I am sitting here writing this, I am still at a loss of words and a starting point!  But I am diving in and starting this year off right instead of sitting back and putting things off and then waiting and then continuing to wait and then as easy as that, weeks and months have gone by and nothing has been done or shown for and nothing is on the blog!  As I had talked about before in a previous post, I used to love blogging!  Blogging on anything and everything!  And then I started a business and then had thought that my new business blog had to be all work related and the other one ended!  But you know what, that doesn’t have to be the case!  This blog can be a little bit of everything!  From what’s on my mind or happening in our lives to our beautiful couples to our little kiddos and even some ups and downs and learning with me along the way!  I want this to be a place of inspiration and entertainment and just relatable!!  Being real.  If at least one person can learn something new once in awhile or just come for a smile or laugh or just to relive their special day, I couldn’t ask for more!  I love to write and I love to share so things are going to start being a little more consistent here on the KMP blog!  :-)  And you are still going to get to see all of the 2014 pretties because it was a pretty incredible year for KMP and I want to share!  So we may backtrack a little but 2015 is going to be a new year!  And it’s going to be the best one yet!!

2014 was a hard year.  I mean a hard year.  Challenging in so many ways.  Many days of tears.  Feeling alone.  Days of uncertainty.  Being unorganized.  And just plain exhausted.  This is so hard for me to admit but you can only learn from your struggles and mistakes, right?  I was feeling so defeated and just wasn’t sure where to go or what to do or even where to start to pick me back up!  I would try telling myself that tomorrow is another day and after setting my alarm for 4:30 and 5:00a for about 4 months and never getting out of bed until 7:45a/8a, my day was not off to a great start and I would be so mad at myself and felt like my day was over!  And with many nights of interrupted sleep, it weighs on you.  And being exhausted and having no energy and can’t wait for the day to end, is never a good thing.  I was always so angry.  I had lost sight.  I was burnt out!  And it impacted who I was as a person! As a mom…as a wife…and even a daughter!  And that is just not me!  Nowhere close to the Kristi that most know.  So needless to say, I knew things had to change!  I had to get back to being me!  To being full of life and loving every minute of it!  To striving to being the best wife and mom I could be!  I can’t even tell you much I dreamed of being a mom and having difficulty getting there, that’s another story in itself…but when I look at these little kiddos, I can’t help but tear up thinking back to the days of how badly I wanted to be a mom and here I have the two most beautiful, caring, and loving little girls that a mom could ask for!  It wasn’t until recently that I realized that these little girls were placed in my life for a reason!  There is so much that I can learn from them and these two little girls have already taught me so much that they will never know!!  This year is to truly opening up my eyes and constantly remembering one of my favorites quotes:  “Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing!”-Dr. Seuss.  And you know what, it is!  If I took everything out of my life that is materialistic, my dreams have come true.  And I can’t even tell you how powerful that is to me!  Sure, it can look like everything is perfect on the outside but I can tell you for sure, that is not how it has been!  It has taken work to get where we are now!  Hard work.  Hard times.  The unimaginable.  And we still have so much more to work for but with amazing friends and family, you can do just about anything you dream of!  And I want to continue chasing those dreams this year!  To be happy!  To be intentional.  To REALLY be intentional.  To be in the moment!  If I had to choose a word for 2015, my word is intentionality.  INTENTIONAL.  To be in every minute.  To not be thinking into the future and what I have to do next but really be IN THE MOMENT!  To enjoy that moment as it is happening because that moment is going to pass by so quickly.  To be intentional.  That is how I plan to live in 2015.

And now that the fog is finally starting to clear, I have the Creative at Heart conference to thank!  Coming from a very unhappy place, this conference changed my life.  CHANGED MY LIFE.  Changed my perspective.  Brought me back to life.  Gave me a starting point again!  Reminded me who I truly am! To let me know I am not alone.  To reaffirm that I am right where I belong and I wouldn’t change it for the world!  To be filled with a room of girls (and guys) that you feel could be your best friends!  It was THE.BEST way I could have started the year and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time in my life!  I am still trying to put in words how incredible this conference was but I just can’t!  The friends, new and old, the speakers, the heart-to-hearts, the girl time, the relationships that were started and continue to start even after…just speechless.  But I do know one thing, my heart is filled and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I left!  It’s on my mind everyday and truly has me at a loss for words.  It’s one experience that I can truly say is indescribable and if I could attend everyone, I would!  It changed my life and makes you want to dream big!!  Kat of Dear Sweetheart Events and Taylor of Letters of Grace Calligraphy, thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than you can ever imagine!  For being a part of an incredible community!  Thank you for chasing your dreams!  And making this happen!  You are changing lives!  Thank you for being you.

So here’s to 2015, friends and being the best year yet!  To chasing dreams.  To being you.  “Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing!”



  • Love this and you sweet friend!!! ❤️ReplyCancel

    • kristimckeagphotography

      Love and miss YOU sweet friend!!!ReplyCancel

  • Kristi, you just made me cry. Multiple times. I have felt that way SO MANY times in the last year and I am so joyful for you that you have arrived at a happy place and that you feel rejuvenated. Please let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do to uplift and love on you. You have such a beautiful heart and a true talent. I loved meeting you and hope we will stay in touch!ReplyCancel

    • kristimckeagphotography

      Brooke, oh my goodness, now you made ME cry!!! You are the absolute sweetest and I am so glad to hear that I wasn’t alone!! It was such an honor meeting you and I LOVED every minute getting to know you!! And yessss!! Let’s definitely stay in touch because I absolutely adore you and all you are doing!! We can keep each other in a happy place and and feeling refreshed!! Maybe just a little jazz hands will do the trick:-) Ha!!ReplyCancel

      • You are so sweet, lady! And yes!! Jazz hands fix everything! Let’s definitely watch out for each other :)ReplyCancel

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