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All I wanted to do today was get a blog post up!  I just wanted to do it for me and although it may be 9:30p on a Friday night, I am getting it up!  It may not be posted when I probably should have had it posted, which was oh, probably about 11 hours ago but you know what, sometimes that’s just life.  And like I said to myself, “Well, it’s already past “publishing and posting” time, so what’s the point of doing it now?  It’s too late!!”.  Wait, what?!?  It’s never too late!!  Better late than never, right??  This may not be posted at the best “publishing” time for social media, but it’s a great time for me because you know what, I am still getting it up and I am getting it up for me!  And for my girls one day!  So, at the end of a day, any time is a good time because it’s up!!  These are personal memories and events that we don’t want to forget and the longer I keep putting it off, or telling myself, well I’m already behind, and it’ll be out of order, and I still haven’t blogged this and I haven’t blogged that, then you know what, we would never have any of our life events posted!  And I certainly don’t want that to be the case because as I had said before, I always loved blogging and started blogging with a personal blog before I ever did anything else!  So although the majority of this blog is for our wedding family, there is also a small piece of it that still serves as a personal journal for us!!  So with that, and keeping fingers crossed, the blogging scene is going to be a little more consistent from this end…but that is still always up in the air because life of a momma with two, you never know what life is going to through at you but that is the hope!  And that is okay!

But I thought this would be the perfect blog back because our “back-to-school” officially started this week for our little three year old!!  Which means, routine (or at least trying) started back this week!  I had this moment last week and I wish I had my camera with me because it is a picture that I can’t get out of my head!  We were over at the Children’s Museum and I looked over at my little girl, riding on the train in her favorite mermaid seat, smiling and waving to me every time she rounded the corner with nothing but the biggest smile and pure joy!  I started second guessing myself that maybe she should only go to school two days instead of three because there are only a few more years left that I’ll be able to spend every day with her and have these morning play dates together!!  But that would be selfish of me because she LOVES going to “her school!”  And although every day is not sunshine, I know these years are going to go by way too fast and I just want to be able to look back and remember these years together without the hustle and bustle of everything and those times when we just said, “Hey, let’s do this today!”.  So you know what, that’s what we are going to do on days she isn’t in school…random playdates with my girls!!  But for now, I am going to enjoy this sweet little girl and remember her excitement of going to school to meet her new teacher and meet new friends!!  Here’s to year 2 in 3 year old preschool!!



Our yearly pic with her crayons:-)


Oh yes, both Mommy and Daddy had their cameras!  She had to see what she looked like:-)


“Like Mommy!”




You know I LOVE this!  Melting!


We may start this every year because I am keeping my fingers crossed she does not turn out to be as tall as Daddy!!


“Nose-to-nose, Mommy!”


And I just had to steal another kiss before this little monkey went off to her first day of school!! “You pick me up, Mommy!”  “I’m going to miss you and Finley!”


And thanks to Daddy for these next few capturing the rest of the morning as he dropped her off!!


Be still my heart…


And it was like she hadn’t missed a day!  So excited and ready to start a brand new year!!


“I love you sooooo much”, my sweet little, Isla!  May you always continue to belly laugh, be as silly as you want, smile big, hug tight, give smooches, and continue to bring pure joy and sunshine to everyone you meet!!  Follow your dreams, my little one!  Because my first dream was you!! xoxoxo-Mommy

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