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An update and the life of a small business owner + a momma of two | Figuring it Out

I have been trying to think of a series that I could start and that may be helpful to others but I have struggled thinking of something and something that hasn’t already been covered. When it came to trying to figure out my branding, that is when I started to figure out who I am and what would best describe me! I am still thinking on that and doing a little “soul searching” if you will so that one day, I can completely have a brand that just screams Kristi…or rather, even Kristi + Matt as we gear towards that direction as a husband + wife team! But as I found myself thinking of all of these things, I thought I would just start a little series to share how our real life is as a business owner and a momma of two! There are definitely struggles…many struggles to be honest but the biggest thing to know is IT IS POSSIBLE!!! Hard sometimes for sure, and days where you feel like you just want to quit but you have to step back and remember why you are doing what you do! My Dad always told me that you should love what you do or at least enjoy it! I look to my Dad today who is technically retired—although that was 12 years ago now—but as he still works from here and there today, he always said that when it isn’t fun anymore, he would stop! And that is just something that has stuck with me and I have to remember that! As I sit here and look at my to-do list in the thick of wedding season, I also have to remember something that the always inspiring Katelyn James told me and other inspiring photographers out there—that you don’t have to do everything! Sometimes you can outsource the things you don’t have time for or don’t always enjoy and focus on what you do best…and more importantly, LOVE! Coming from a perfectionist, that is hard for me and hard for me to give up control! When I was in grad school, Matt told me that sometimes it was okay to be “B” student but I was determined to prove myself that I could make straight A’s! So as Matt would put it, I’m an A student and he is a B student but that may be something that I could learn from him!   As I have been telling myself, no, I can do this, I can do it all…well, that may have been life before not one but two little kiddos! Two little kiddos that still need their Mommy, and want to play with their Mommy, and be so proud of themselves that they want to show and share everything with Mommy! They don’t want a Mommy who constantly says she has to work, or is checking her phone, or stressed out and takes it out on them because she HAS to get a blog post up!! That’s not the Mommy that they want nor that they deserve!! And that is hard to remember!! But when your little girl goes to “her” computer and says, I have to work, Mommy—it breaks my heart just a little bit!!

So, in starting this series, I will share the good, the hard, the struggles, the laughter and I may just be blogging for myself and the only one that reads it, but if I can help at least one person or if at least ONE person can relate, I know I’m not alone!! :-) Which brings me to an update of what I have learned over the past two weeks since I blogged about wanting to blog every day!! Well, again, I didn’t take into consideration that the majority of my day, I am taking care of two little kiddos! And although I haven’t blogged every day since like I would like to, I have learned this…it is not possible for me to blog the day that the blog is supposed to be going up! I have found that that is nearly impossible for me because you never know what interruptions there could be!! The list is endless as a momma of two! BUT if I can get everything together and PRE-BLOG—oh YES!! That word just sounds absolutely life-changing and the greatest word in the world, I think I may be able to manage my goal of blogging every week—and maybe even 5 days a week!! Wedding blogs ESPECIALLY need to be pre-blogged because those take much more time, thought, and visual appearanceJ So I leave you with this on the first series, PRE-BLOGGING is going to be a life changer…now, it’s just working it into my workflow to make it happen!! Happy Thursday friends!!!

And just because I can’t write a blog without posting some kind of picture, here are our two little girls doing what they love best in summer!!   Our real life…and one that is about to celebrate a birthday next week!!





  • I can’t believe how big my beautiful nieces are getting. I can’t wait to see them in July and spend almost a full week with them! Love you guys!ReplyCancel

  • I look forward to reading this series! As a small business owner, part-time employee, mom, and military wife – I find it hard to balance a lot of the time!

    I actually started reading it because my daughter has that same polka dot tankini from Target! haha


    • kristimckeagphotography

      Yay!!! Thank you so much for following along, Allison!! It is definitely challenging to find a happy balance between everything but I know it can be done!! :-) And yes!! LOVE the polka dot tankini and some Target:-)ReplyCancel

  • LOVE THIS BLOG!! and you! :)ReplyCancel

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