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An Instagram Introduction | Personal

Am I the only one or is anyone else noticing that sometimes people you KNOW you follow, don’t show up in your feed?!?  For some reason especially, my best friend’s posts (and others) are not always showing up in my feed…not matter HOW far I scroll back!  I promise I know how to use instagram so I don’t know what’s going on!!  :-) But for anyone that is new to the blog or new to following me on instagram at @kristimckeag, I did a little intro today and if you missed it there, I thought I would share here too just so you can get to know a little about me and who is here behind KMP!  So with that, here you go!

Old Town Wedding Photographer-4885

Happy Friday, friends!! I am loving all the Friday introductions so I thought I would introduce myself especially with all of you new friends!! I am Kristi with #kristimckeagphotography!! We are a husband wife team on wedding days (#kmpweddings) and on the other days, I am a wife, daughter, sister, small business owner, puppy mommy, and a momma of two!! (#islacapriisthree and #finleysageisone) It is still hard to believe but we like to still think we are cool! :-). I am a full-time Virginia and destination wedding photographer based in Richmond, VA but born and raised in the NOVA/DC area! I am a lover of the beach, music of any kind really-but love me some singer-songwriters and JT and Colbie Calliat are my jams (and confession, I used to be in show choir!). My friends and family are my life and when you see @mrmckeag and I together, most conversations start with our height difference! :-) 5’1 and 6’5, yup, that’ll do it! :-) I have been a blonde forever but just recently went brunette for a little bit but this summer loving girl, will probably be back to some lighter hair very soon!!:-). So what about YOU?!? Would love to get to know you! Thanks for following and I’m so glad you’re here!! Have a great weekend, friends!! xoxo


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