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This is me…Kristi McKeag!  

I love my camera,

I love people,

I love couples who are marrying their best friend,

I love pregnant bellies and the sweet mommy and daddy’s to-be,

I love kiddos,

I love our furry little friends,

I love romance,

and that “perfect shot” or “not-so-perfect shot” makes me happy!

I love capturing the sweetness, silliness, the oh-so-in-love moment, the details…oh, the details…and just about anything that brings a smile or laugh or even a tear to one’s face.  I love what I do and I can’t wait to capture those special moments and milestones for you!

And then, THERE IS US…a 5’1 energetic, bubbly girl and 6’5 tall, basketball and music loving guy…

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I’m a pretty simple girl who loves a pop of color or a fun accessory, sunsets, sand in my toes, chocolate chip cookies, and of course, my two little baby girls and the man that makes my dream of being a husband+wife team possible!  We aren’t high school sweethearts, but our story goes something like this: a rising sophomore and a rising senior at a summer basketball camp…the senior counselor picks the little guard (not based on talent – he says), a superlative award and a little flirting pretty much summed up the week and stopped there!  Fast forward two years-with some other funny stuff in between-and an instant message (remember those?) sparked by a mutual friend started the first real conversation!  Then, well, you can kind of say it started there.  With many stories in between (we’ll save those for another day), but with many 3 hour drives back and forth to see each other-then being 10 mins apart for college-then back to long distance again concluded with a proposal on the beach and a beach wedding a year later-that pretty much sums up our love story!  EVERY LOVES STORY STARTS SOMEWHERE and now that you know ours, we want to hear YOURS!! :-)  And we can’t wait to tell your story!! xoxoView More:

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