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A little thing called a blog calendar and being held accountable| KMP


So what better day than the present to FINALLY start this!!  A BLOG CALENDAR!!  It seems pretty simple right?!?  But to adhere by it is another story!  I have definitely attempted this several times by trying to write them down by days in my planner but for some reason, that just wasn’t working out!  I was given this suggestion by the wonderfully, always inspiring Katelyn James, and I am pretty sure it is going to change my life and keep me on schedule! (THANK YOU X 1000 IN ADVANCE KATELYN!!)  At least that is what I am hoping!!  But it is going to be more than that!!  Since I am now officially putting it out there and trying to accomplish one of my KMP 2014 goals, it will now hold me accountable by not only myself but by all of you:-)  So, today is the day that starts the KMP BLOG CALENDAR!!  An entire calendar dedicated to just BLOGGING!!  So I give you permission to HOLD ME TO IT!!

And let me tell you, shopping for calendars/planners/notebooks, etc. makes this girl HAPPY!!  If I could buy planners all year round, I would!!  It gets me giddy going down those aisles and seeing all the cute ones online!!  Talk about having to have restraint!  What can I say, a girl loves her “office supplies”!

Now, as far as how often this blogging is going to happen, it is definitely going to be a trial run but I would like to see if I can keep up with it 5 days a week!!  This may sound like ALOT coming from a fairly infrequent blogger recently but in all honesty, this shouldn’t be a problem for me as I used to love blogging and was truly something I enjoyed!!  (SEE THE DAYS OF KRITS CUP O TEA HERE!! )  However, sometimes life happens and with two little kiddos, you never know what is going to be thrown at you!  But that is for a different day:-)   TODAY is about BLOGGING and being held ACCOUNTABLE!!  So WISH ME LUCK!!  I’m excited to see how this goes and share everything KMP with you!!


Sugar Paper!  I had to find it!  I had been on a search for this brand at Target since the beginning of the year and when I saw this on clearance, I knew it was meant to be mine:)  The perfect blogging calendar, right? :)


And just for fun…my old blog of anything and everything!!  KRITS CUP O TEA!  It was my little home in cyberspace and I still LOVE it to this day!  So much that I had it printed into TWO hard copy books that I LOVE!!  So much fun:)



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