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A French Market Inspired | Bridal Shower

I am not even sure where to start with this post because there is so much emotion behind it for me!  Which may just have to be for another day but to give the jist-there are so many people involved in the reason for celebrating this special occasion that just makes me smile from ear to ear and then most days, tears of happiness just fill my eyes as I think of these two!  I could not think of two people that were more meant to spend the rest of their lives together and I am so blessed to have these two in our lives as some of our favorite people!!  Kristen and Ryan are those two people that when you are together, you can just laugh, smile, cry, or not even have to talk at all and when you walk away, you can’t help but think, how did I get so lucky to have two people like this in our lives!  These two mean the absolute world to us and I wouldn’t have missed an opportunity to get up to celebrate these two!  It was the perfect Sunday afternoon showering Kristen with love, hugs, good food, fun games, and as always with this girl, laughter!  Erika, Kristen’s sister, did an INCREDIBLE job with all the details-hence I couldn’t put my camera down:-)  A little French market inspired theme had us all in awe!!  You will see what I mean!  This girl out-did herself!  Erika-just like Kristen-is another one of those people that just bring the life to the party with so much life that they just light up the room and you want to find yourself talking with them!!  I cannot tell you how much I absolutely LOVE the “KK” family!  Again, a story for another day, but let’s just say-they are truly an inspiration and if our little family of four grows up to be anything like them, I would say we have hit the jack-pot!  But for now, enjoy this amazing bridal shower that just keeps me smiling because we get to celebrate a couple that means the absolute world to me!! And not to mention how in love I am with all these details:-)




Hilarious!  Growing up, KK always told E that she got to pick one of her birthday presents on her birthday so she picked which bridal shower gift she wanted! ;-)  Which she told me too, so here I was thinking that I had to get both girls a present on their birthdays so the other didn’t feel left out:-)


And the tears started…


and then continued flowing when I looked over at her momma!  Gah!! LOVE THIS FAM!!


As I said, LOVE this family!!  ALWAYS so much fun!!


Love these momma’s!


Haha, I laughed when I looked up and couldn’t see KK;-)


But she was there:-)  Informing me of what you can do with these things in the kitchen!


And then Ryan showed up…


and brought her flowers!!  I mean, right??  She is one lucky gal!


Haha,  I love Ryan’s face right here!!  I think he was thinking he showed up just a little too early:-)


And the shower gifts…SERIOUSLY?!?  SOO PERFECT!


And then ended with a few group shots:-)


My favorite family:-)


LOVE these girls so much!!


And these two!!  I can only hope that my little girls grow up this close!!


Don’t hate me girls but this cracks me up and I LOVE it!!  Sisterly love:-)



And again, these girls are two incredible people!!!  But a big round-of-applause to this girl who made this day so perfect for her big sister!!  Erika-I think you may have another calling:-)



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