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2015 Goals…and Dreams | AND Making Pinterest Happen


Eeek, well I have to admit, this is a little scary to be throwing these out there but this way you all can hold me accountable!  :-)  And at least be dreaming with me!  You never know if they may happen but it never hurts to throw it out there, right?  And after having a brief KMP business meeting last night, this year is holding a lot of weight on us:-)  This is the year we are putting things into place and hopefully making them happen!  :-)  I have had these on my mind for awhile now and am now putting my 2015 (2016) goals…and some dreams out there!  Eeeee, so here we go:

2015 Goals…and Dreams! :-)

* FINALLY going to attempt submitting some work in hopes of getting published

* Plan and shoot my first styled shoot

* Collaborate with other creatives (I’ll leave this one broad!:-) )

* Create website and refresh brand

* Plan to travel internationally

  •  Do a shoot abroad
  • Shoot an international wedding

* Book a destination wedding

* Shoot another beach wedding

* Shoot another proposal (THESE ARE MY FAVORITE!!)  If I could specialize in these, I would:-)

* Blog consistently!! (This is something I have been wanting to do for awhile now and am going to try to finally make it happen!)

* Shoot for fun -find a personal project

* Establish a schedule- social media, e-mails, editing, etc…

* Make a monthly duty day

Dreams!  Lots and lots of DREAMS!!!  But also some everyday goals, that I HAVE to make happen!!  So here we go…to all the dreamers and believers out there….here’s to 2015…putting things in place and continuing to dream bigger and bigger!!  Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE!!


And on a completely different note, this was one of my MAKING PINTEREST HAPPEN projects that I wanted to do!!  Yay for checking off the Pinterest boards list and project 10345,560:-)  Candles, glitter, and number stickers!!  That’s all you need!  Oh, and mod podge but make sure you get the tub and NOT the SPRAY because that is FLAMMABLE!!  I almost made that mistake:-) Thankfully, I didn’t!!  So not only is the blog for the all dreamers out there and not giving up, here is to also making those pinterest board projects happen:-)  xoxoxo


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