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All I wanted to do today was get a blog post up! I just wanted to do it for me and although it may be 9:30p on a Friday night, I am getting it up! It may not be posted when I probably should have had it posted, which was oh, probably about 11 hours ago but you know what, sometimes that’s just life. And like I said to myself, “Well, it’s already past “publishing and posting” time, so what’s the point of doing it now? It’s too late!!”. Wait, what?!? It’s never too late!! Better late than never, right?? This may…

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Ohhhhh, champagne toasts, a sparkling ring, a fun-loving, laughable couple, “All you need is LOVE” sign, and on the water?? It doesn’t get much better than this for an engagement session! I mean, what better way to start off a session with a toast to their engagement and soon-to-be husband and wife?? LOVE! And not to mention, how much fun these two are and just constantly make each other laugh and their love for each other is just so apparent!! And, as if that…

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I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this girl! And I will probably continue to say that with upcoming posts of her and Jamie, but it’s true! Esra is one of those people that just lights up a room when she walks in and her energy and smile is just contagious!! You can’t help but be in the best mood with a smile on your face!! And not to mention, she is absolutely STUNNING!!! Because Esra and Jamie were getting married in Cancun and we couldn’t exactly…

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  • Esra Conway

    Loveeeee all of these! You are amazing!!!ReplyCancel

It’s time…time to get this blog caught up! I’m taking you back to Zac + Alexis’ Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel Wedding from the beginning of May! It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day!! No rain, although the weather had been predicting some but there was not a drop in the air! Instead, the sun was out-and then hid for a little bit but then back out again-and the temperature was just right!! A perfect Spring day with, of course, a breeze from the water! The perfect day to get…

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I have been trying to think of a series that I could start and that may be helpful to others but I have struggled thinking of something and something that hasn’t already been covered. When it came to trying to figure out my branding, that is when I started to figure out who I am and what would best describe me! I am still thinking on that and doing a little “soul searching” if you will so that one day, I can completely have a brand that just screams Kristi…or rather, even Kristi + Matt as we gear towards that direction as a husband + wife team! But…

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  • I can’t believe how big my beautiful nieces are getting. I can’t wait to see them in July and spend almost a full week with them! Love you guys!ReplyCancel

  • I look forward to reading this series! As a small business owner, part-time employee, mom, and military wife – I find it hard to balance a lot of the time!

    I actually started reading it because my daughter has that same polka dot tankini from Target! haha


    • kristimckeagphotography

      Yay!!! Thank you so much for following along, Allison!! It is definitely challenging to find a happy balance between everything but I know it can be done!! :-) And yes!! LOVE the polka dot tankini and some Target:-)ReplyCancel

  • LOVE THIS BLOG!! and you! :)ReplyCancel